The Lexmark X5650 cartridge error can bug some users from time to time but there is nothing to be overly worried about and can be often solved with some simple troubleshooting.

LEXMARK-X5650-1The problem could be a result of a connection failure between one of the cartridges and the AIO. One of the printheads might also have a short in them.

  • To solve the issue, one has to first make sure that the printer is on. Then the printer cover should be opened. The print cartridge carrier usually stops in between movement at the loading position unless the All in One is in use. The carrier should be at the center, and if it is not, then the printer should be unplugged from the power source and then carefully placed in the center.
  • Remove both the cartridge from the carrier and then the printer cover should be closed. The power supply black box behind the printer- where the power cord goes in- has to be unplugged and plugged in again after 30 seconds.
  • Once the printer is turned on again, the cartridge needs to be inserted first. The printer cover should be put back in place and if there are no errors, the cartridge may be reinserted and the printer cover firmly put back on.
  • Replace the cartridge that was causing the error with a new Lexmark cartridge. Print a test document to ensure that the printer is working properly.

There a number of other error messages that come up and most of them come up when the cartridge is incorrectly installed. Wrong installation of the cartridge replacements causes communication problems or there could be a problem of alignment as well. Some debris of other foreign body blocking the path of the cartridge might be another reason. The toner sensor might not also be working properly and it could be a warning to install a new cartridge.

There are some basic solutions for these problems as well and they include checking whether the alignment of each of the cartridges is secure, once the printer is switched off. The cartridges should also be locked or snapped in the places properly. The control panel should be working properly. Also, once the cartridge is put back and the power is switched on, give some time to the printer to read the cartridges. Repeat the process if the problem persist and replace with a new cartridge.

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