There is an important presentation to be presented and you need to give out printed versions of the presentation. But your Lexmark printer decided to take a break that day? Well, these kinds of problems happens but you do not have to lose your cool over this as here is a solution to how to fix error 1203 on Lexmark printer

Error 1203 on Lexmark Printer  :

Error 1203 is indicative of the fact that there is something seriously wrong with the print cartridge and this is where you have to start. The first step should be re-installing the print cartridges and to do that follow the below mentioned facts.

  1. While the printer is on, remove the cartridge. While doing this you need to be careful. Pull up the control panel and then very carefully, open the access door to the cartridges. The cartridge carrier will move and stop automatically at its loading position. Now you can lift the cartridges.
  2. Turn the printer off.
  3. Turn it on.
  4. How to do the correct re-installation of the cartridges?
    1. Insert the colour cartridge in the left and the black one in the right.
    2. Push it back gently till it snaps securely into the accurate position. Make sure it is secure.
  5. Check the operator panel whether it is still displaying error 1203. If yes, then you will have to clean the cartridges. Instead, if the message says that the cartridges are missing then replace them.
  6. Check the operator panel again. If the error is being shown again then repeat all the steps till 5 and then reinsert the cartridges one at a time. How to do it carefully? After inserting one at a time, be careful in closing the access door and the door of the control panel. At times, because the doors are not well shut, it might show up an error. This will help you to diagnose the problematic one and once you find out which one is causing all the head ache then you can get it replaced.
  7. If this method also fails, then you will have to post online in some discussion group and get the solution from them.

If this fails, then you will have to resort to the last but definitely not the least straw and that is contacting the Lexmark customer care service centre and ask their help to solve the problem. IT will available 24 X 7 and you can contact them either a mail or call or through a live chat where you can attach pictures or videos of your problem. Usually, they will provide you the details of the nearest service centre where their team of qualified technicians will help you to sort out the problem.

Printers are manmade objects and like any other machine it needs constant care and at times, even after using it with ultimate care, it might end up giving problems. So Always look for a solution to its problem.

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