Countermand the error of “Low Ink” in Epson printers, on Mac.

If you have worked on an Epson printer, you would have come across the error of “Low Ink” on the printer multiple times. If you want to get this fixed, you should, first of all, be aware of what exactly this error is and the ways to solve this issue, especially when you are working on a Mac platform.

What is the “Low Ink” error in Epson printers?

To solve any issue, you need to know the core of the problem and the root cause why the issue occurred in the first place.

When using an Epson printer, you have to install a software package through an installation CD that comes along with the printer and this is the only link of communication between the hardware and your computer. And this software informs you about every small detail and issue arising with the printer; even if the ink cartridge is empty, it will let you know immediately.

In Mac OS, Epson printers refuse to initiate a print after a definite level even if the cartridge has enough ink to go on for few more pages.

But, most of the time, when you refill your cartridges, an error message pops up every time you initiate a printing process, saying the cartridge is out of ink. And it will continue to display the notification for some time.

How to fix this on Mac?

 When such an issue arises, follow these steps to override the Epson printer  “Low ink” on Mac-

  • The first thing that you should do is stop the print queue, as you will get the same notification every time a page is sent for printing.
  • Select any one page and send it to print. You can easily do so by either ‘File’ drop-down menu and then selecting the ‘Print’ option or by using the print commands directly by pressing ‘Command’ and ‘P’ together.
  • In the window that pops up, select the Epson printer that you are using currently and head on to the “Copies and Pages” tab over there.
  • There, you will see an option saying, “Disable Epson ink status monitor”, hit that button to override the low ink error message that pops up again and again.
  • Then save your settings after giving it a name and make sure you save those settings to apply the changes that you have made.

It’s sure that this will work out for you, but in case of any concerns, you can try the alternative solution for quick fix when your Epson printer shows you the ‘low ink’ error message.

  • Stop the whole printer queue.
  • In the software installed, search for the ‘Epson printer utility’ option.
  • In the dialog box that opens, head on to the driver settings.
  • And there, check on the “Permit temporary black printing” option.
  • Then in the print settings, in the media type settings, select the plain paper.
  • Finally click on OK.

Now, you will be able to take out some prints before the ink cartridge gets completely empty. And, that’s how to override Epson printer’s “Low ink” on Mac platform.

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