Epson printer print without black ink

The present-day computer users know the real value of printers. Whether it’s for the office use or printing your child’s next morning’s project- you always need a chic printer, technologically advanced to support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printing without creating much hassle. Like HP, Brother, Canon, Epson has created a ripple in the market by designing, manufacturing and showcasing some of the smartest printers whether in inkjet category or laserjet.

Being a regular computer and printer user- you must be aware of the fact that the cartridges need to be replaced with the original ones soon after the ink is reduced from the barrels. It’s always suggested to use the original cartridges to reduce risks of the sophisticated printers. Try to stay miles away from refilling the printers from the local markets as it can be threatening for your amazing printers.

If you ever notice that the black ink cartridge needs to be replaced now when you’re in the middle of serious work, then you can use the color cartridges as monochromes without facing much hassle. You can also consider following the some step- if you’re falling short of cash but want to print with the existing cartridge. Here, know how to make Epson printer print without black ink.

Check out the given steps in the following, follow them and use the remaining ink for the next sets of monochrome printing—

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click on ‘Printers and Devices’
  • Select your printer brand and right click on it to open the drop-down menu
  • Click on ‘Properties’
  • In the Ink Set click the ‘Color’ option
  • If the black ink cartridge is empty, you have to click on the ‘color’ set option
  • Click Apply

If you ran out of black ink from your Epson Printer, these are the easiest steps to run the printer with monochrome.

For MAC users

  • Cancel the printing process or stop the print queue
  • Go to Epson Printer Utility and open the dialogue box
  • From Driver Settings, click on “Permit temporary black printing” option
  • Visit Print Settings
  • For media typesetting, click on Plain Paper
  • Choose to select Grayscale
  • Click OK

By following these steps, your MAC will start producing monochrome printouts even when Epson printer ran out of black ink.

For Windows users

  • Stop printing or stop running the printing queue
  • Navigate to ‘Printers and Devices’ to select your Epson Printer
  • Now, go to Quality Option, from where you have to click on Plain Paper as your Type Setting
  • Visit the Print Option and from there check the Grayscale option. This step will restrict the prints from your Epson printer to monochrome only
  • Now click OK
  • You’ll see an indicator for the monochrome will be flashed on your monitor. This signal will make you understand that the system has accepted the change and will perform likewise.

So, like this, you can easily turn your color Epson printer into monochrome.

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