If you own a Brother Printer, then many times you may have come across the drum error. This issue may crop up even when the drum is still in good functional condition. Sometimes, after installing a new drum, you may get this drum error on your Brother Printer. This is a commonly occurring error that usually happens when the system follows the wrong instructions which make the printer unresponsive.

Following simple steps can help you with how to fix brother printer drum error.

 Install Driver with Network Settings

  • Check the cable connections
  • Check the IP-Address
  • Restart the Router
  • Check the Firewall settings

Change Driver Settings

  • Go to ‘Start’ button and click on ‘Control Panel.’
  • Click on ‘Hardware and Sound’
  • Go to ‘Devices and Printers’
  • Select the ‘Printer Properties’
  • Change the ‘Driver Settings’

 Uninstall Brother Software and Drivers

  • Open ‘Brother utilities’ on your PC
  • Select your model name
  • Click ‘Tools’ and select ‘Uninstall.’
  • Restart the machine

Install all the Updates for your Window

  • Go to ‘Start’ menu
  • Type ‘Update’
  • Turn ON ‘Check for Updates’
  • The system will automatically update the drivers, once done restart your computer and check for the error.

Reset Drum Error Light

  • Open the door of the printer
  • Press the ‘GO’ button to turn on all the four lights (Drum, Toner, Ready, Error)
  • Close the door of the printer

Reset Drum Printer

  • Switch off the computer
  • Open the front panel of the device.
  • Now click on the Clear or Back button on the right side of the LCD screen.
  • Press 1 on the numeric keyboard of Brother Printer to reset the drum unit.
  • Use the Up arrow button for the non-numeric keyboard to reset the drum unit.
  • You will receive ‘Accepted’ message on the printer display.
  • Close the front panel of the printer.

Tips to Follow:

  • During the reset process, always reset the Drum unit and not the toner unit.
  • Always use the drum unit and toner cartridges of the manufacturer to ensure better quality and reliability
  • Avoid using a non-Brother ink cartridge inside the printer
  • Always pre-set the device temperature that needs to be matched with toner formulation.

After following the above steps, if still the issue persists, dial Brother Printer Help Desk and get in touch with Technical Help staff for advanced.

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