Are your printouts coming out faded or mottled? Then it may be the time for replacing your ink cartridges. If the ink level is low in your cartridge, then it may lead to clogging or drying out of the ink nozzle. Then your printer will try to use more ink, which may result in malfunctioning of the printer. Therefore, it is better to check the ink levels to avoid the problem.

Epson printer is one of the reliable devices that not only contains a driver for connecting to the PC but also is equipped with a Status Monitor Utility that checks the ink level in the printer. You can easily access this from the printer driver, which you can reach by clicking either the start menu or the home screen dashboard, based on your device model. It can also be accessed through the printer’s preferences in the control panel. This Epson Status Monitor gives information about print jobs, issues, settings and status. Whenever the ink level is it sends a visual warning.

Detail instruction on how to check ink levels in Epson Printer.

  1. Accessing through Print Dialog Box

At first, open your PC internet browser and select “File” and “Print”. Click on the “properties” or “preferences” option for getting access to your printers’ settings and controls.

Now click on the option: Maintenance” and then select the icon that is present just next to the Epson Status Monitor. The graphic that represents the ink levels under the heading “ink levels”.

Now after seeing the ink levels, you can close the Epson Status Monitor by clicking the “OK” button. Select and click “Cancel” option for closing the maintenance tab dialogue box. Now again select the ” Cancel” option for closing the Epson Printers dialogue box.

  1. Control panel accessing

At first, open your windows search option present in the bottom of the desktop and type “devices and printer” and press enter key. In the printer and devices option, search for your device.

Now right click on your Epson printer option and select “properties” on the submenu. Now click “printing preferences” and then click the “maintenance” tab.

Now click on the icon that is present just next to the Epson Status Monitor. The ink level graphics of your printer will appear here under the heading “Ink levels “. After seeing the ink levels, click the “OK” button for closing the Epson status monitor. Again click “OK” for closing the Epson printers printing preferences dialogue box.

Progress Meter

The progress meter dialogue box will appear at the time you send a print job to the printer. You can check the ink level in this dialogue box.

With these easy steps, you can easily check the ink levels in your printer and can buy the replacement cartridge well before time. So, keep an eye on the ink levels on a frequent basis and get uninterrupted printing service from your Epson Printer.

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