HP Printer does not recognize refilled ink cartridge; here’s how to solve the problem

Some of the commonest problems pertain to refilled ink cartridges for printers. HP Printer does not Recognize Refilled ink cartridges is a common refrain some several users. There are higher costs for printing these days and refill kits are attaining widespread popularity as a result. These kits can help you fill up cartridges at lower costs as compared to buying an entirely new cartridge. However, the HP Printer will most probably remember whenever there is an empty cartridge, thereby preventing it from recognizing the same cartridge even when you have refilled it. This is where the problem arises.


The first step is to remove the cartridge carefully. Refill the cartridge based on instructions given in the kit. You should first have the extra cartridge inserted into the printer. Power on your printer and wait till it recognize the cartridge prior to printing out your alignment page. Get the extra cartridge removed before inserting your second added cartridge into your printer. Power on the printer and wait till it prints the adjustment page.

You should then follow the procedure for removal used for the first cartridge in order to get the second cartridge removed. The refilled cartridge has to be then inserted and you should power on the printer. The refilled cartridge has to be identified as full then by the printer. You should keep the extra cartridges at hand whenever you have to get the ink cartridge refilled for the printer.

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