A computer printer will not work simply because you plug it in. You will need to install the driver and tell the computer that you wish to use a printer that has certain functions. If you have lost the driver CD, you can download it online from the printer’s official website.

Getting started to Install printer CD on Computer

Step 1: Connect the printer to the computer. Firstly, plug your device to the power outlet using the power cable. You can see that your printer has powered on, which is indicated by the power light on it. Your printer can be connected to your computer using either a USB cable, SCSI card or a parallel port cable.

Step 2: Install the printer. After you have plugged in the printer, go to the Start Menu and click on “Control Panel.” In the Control Panel, there is a section dedicated to “Hardware and Sound.” Under the Hardware and sound section, click on the “View Devices and Printers” option. Once you click on that, you will be shown a window where you can see a list of all the devices and printers which have been installed in the past.

On the window, you will find “Add a Printer” option on the top. Click on this option to start installing your new printer. Next, click on Add a local printer after making sure that the wires are properly connected. Click next to select the default port. Windows will start scanning for your printer.

If the system cannot find a connected printer, it will show a list of possible Manufacturers and Printer models. Simply select the manufacturer and the model of your printer to move on to the next step. In the next step, enter the name of the printer that you want to set. Click next to install the printer. After installation, you will be asked if you wish to share this printer over a network. Select the appropriate choice and you are done!

In case the driver is not found by Windows online, you will need to manually install it. Follow the steps given below if the system is unable to find your driver. Below is the last step to install printer CD on computer.

Step 3: Install the driver. The printer that you purchased came with a disc along with the printer. This CD contains all the software and necessary files to help your system communicate with the printer. Turn on your system and make sure that the printer is powered on and connected with the computer.

Insert the CD into the CD-drive of your computer/laptop. If the installation process does not start automatically, open “My Computer” and double-click on the CD Drive. On the folder that opened, double-click on the Setup or Installation file. If, however, you had misplaced the CD, you would have downloaded the driver from the printer manufacturer’s official website.

After the printer is installed on your system, try to print a test page to make sure that everything is working correctly!

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