61 ink is a signature ink to be used in HP printers. This cartridge is a popular option among business owners and teachers. It is mainly due to its availability and compatibility with a wide range of office and home inkjet printers. But finding this variation of the ink can be challenging. When used with the right machine, the inks can reach full potential. It delivers the best printing results and is the best option. Though the failure rate of these 61 inks is low, you may want to know how to fix printers that use 61 ink. Knowing the steps will save you from sudden problems or frustration when printing bulk copies. It can keep from spending additional for cartridge replacement. 

Let us look at the common problem areas to fix a printer with 61 ink.

How to deal with a compatibility error message?

After installing your new HP cartridge with 61 ink, it shows an error message saying that the cartridge is incompatible. Even when using a new cartridge, dried ink and fingerprint oil can get to the copper electrical contacts, causing the machine to be unable to recognize the cartridge. If you clean the contacts with a clean cloth or filter or rub them with alcohol and reinstall it, the error message can be fixed. 

Try to know the right steps on how to fix printers that use 61 ink. Before you reinstall the ink, power down the machine, unplug it, and leave it idle for a few minutes. Reset every step, and can help clear up the compatibility problem with the reinstallation of the machine.

Fix missing cartridge message

Getting a message that the ink cartridge is missing indicates that the cartridge isn’t properly installed. Be sure that the cartridge is installed in the right slot. It shouldn’t be loose or forced fit in the machine. The cartridge may be fitted at the wrong angle. Take out the ink and clean it and reset the printer. However, a quick reset can fix the issue.

Empty cartridge message

When using a remanufactured cartridge, the message may show as previously used after installation. It is when the manufacturers cannot reset the chip in the cartridge. This is when the missing message comes up. Even when the printer cannot specify, it has adequate capacity to fill in ink in the same amount. To fix this, clean the contacts, reset the machine and click on the resume button to let the machine start smoothly.  If it’s a genuine cartridge, the empty cartridge message isn’t common. A genuine product will show it right and make it function properly. 

What to do if the printer gives spotty or light prints?

Poor quality print on a newly installed ink indicates a problem with the printhead. Here, in HP 61 ink, the printhead is on the top of the cartridge from where the ink comes out and is a copper or gold strip.

Use a damp paper towel along with a dry paper towel. Take the damp towel and then blot the ink with the printhead down on its level side. This is show spots of ink on the paper towel. You can see ink on the towel with copper and gold dots. If you cannot see ink, you are blotting the wrong side. Next, hold the cartridge against the paper for 30 seconds. This can help get rid of dried ink that hampers the print quality. Once done, fix the ink and run it. If the print quality is still the same, repeat the process to get suitable results. So, when wondering how to fix printers that use 61 Ink, cleaning the printhead efficiently can help.

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