Connect HP Printer to MacBook :

Have you recently bought a new HP printer and now you cannot connect it to your MacBook? Worry no more; we have it sorted for you.

Your MacBook comes along with 2 USB slots through which you can easily connect any device that needs a USB connection. And HP printer needs a USB connection to get connected. So, with the help of the USB port, you can connect your printer with your laptop and start printing straightaway.

You can take the USB cable of the printer and plug it into your MacBook and the connection is established. And if it is still not connected, you can establish a connection manually.

Here is a guide that will help you to Connect HP Printer to MacBook Easily.

Step 1: Connect the printer with your laptop by plugging in the USB cable into the MacBook. Now, on your MacBook, click the Apple icon and then click on software update.

Step 2: Turn on the printer

Step 3: select the apple icon and then click on system preference

Step 4: Select the option that say “Print and Scan”

Step 5: Press on the plus icon and enter the credentials

Step 6: Select the HP printer from the list which you want to add and click on add and your printer is connected.

Now, buying a printer is not as easy as it sounds.  Like every other electronic gadget, you need to be aware of while buying a printer. You need to know about the product you are going to purchase.

It is essential to learn about the gadget in order to select the best product in the market. When it comes to gathering information about the product, you can take help of the internet so that you can choose the right product in the market.


When people buy a gadget, there is always anticipation regarding the performance of the product. In the case of printers, the speed is a crucial factor; when you are looking for speed, then you need to compromise on the quality of the print. The speed varies with every printer, and this is the reason you need to learn about it in details.

Wireless connectivity

Electronic gadgets are meant for reducing manual labor and time. The printers are no different, so need a computer that is wireless so that you can print documents from anywhere you want. In order to find a wireless printer, you need to look for a holistic one that supports computer, mobile, tablet, etc.

Lastly, when you decide to buy a printer, you need to opt for a reputed and reliable brand that offers budget option. You need to go through the reviews on the brand and go through the product specification of the product that the brand offers.

So, with the guides provided above, you can buy the best HP printer and connect them with your computer without dropping a sweat.

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