Printers play an essential role in file sharing – from one computer to another system. This function happens via connections and so is termed as Shared Printers. The connection of a printer to a wired or wireless network is also known as Network Printer. For an ongoing file sharing exercise, it is important to install the printer. It can be done in both Windows XP and Mac! Now, the question arises, how do I install a printer in Windows XP?

Steps to Install a Printer on Windows XP

Adding a Printer to your Windows XP operating system involves two steps – (1) making the connection from the computer to the printer, (2) installing the software needed to allow your computer to communicate with the printer.

Most printers sold today support a USB connection, which is known to transfer data much faster than the older connections. The software involved in the process is often supplied on a disk by the manufacturer. However most printers work just as well with the drivers that are supplied with Windows XP by default. Printers having a USB port are an excellent all-purpose connection method for cameras, MP3 players, tablet PCs, etc. There are ample variants for printers – Canon Printers, Postscript Printer, HP LaserJet Pro Printers, Epson workforce Printers and so on. One of the finest printers from Panasonic is the Bluebird 6E. It is a compact-sized printer wherein you download the driver onto your desktop, unzip it if you have to, and once the file appears, double-click on it. The setup file takes you through the whole operation. At the end of it, your printer is fully functional.

To install a Printer in Windows XP, the following functions must be performed –

1 – Click the ‘Start’ button on the Windows taskbar and then click on ‘Control Panel’ on the right side of the ‘Start’ Menu.

2 – Click the Printers and the other Hardware hyperlink if the Control panel window is in category view. Otherwise, double-check the Printers icon if the ‘Control’ panel is in classic view.

3 – Click on the ‘Add a Printer’ hyperlink to start the ‘Add Printer Wizard,’ and then click the ‘Next’ button or press ‘Enter’ to advance to the local Printer/ Printer connection dialog box.

4 – If the wizard is unable to detect your printer in the New Printer Detection dialog box, click ‘Next’ to install manually.

Installation of a Printer in Windows XP is not as difficult as it is termed to be and in fact, makes our work much easier once done. One key point to remember is to perform a check to see if the printer is compatible with Windows XP or not.

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