Does your Ricoh printer show an error of code SC 544-00? Ricoh printers have been the best quality printers in the computer industry but faults can arise in such a fine range of printers as well. The error code SC 544-00 is known to be an error that is related to the fuser especially when it is overheated. This error is taken from the 5 series of errors and leads to bad paper feed. You may be wondering about an effective answer to this question How to fix Ricoh printer error SC 544-00 so that you would be able to use your printer again with the same ease and flexibility. Here we answer it for you.

A Complete Guide to Fix  Error SC 544-00

There are only two steps involved in rectifying this issue for once and getting your printer back into its functional mode. Given below are these steps that will surely help you in mitigating the Ricoh Printer Error SC 544-00:

Step 1: In this method, you shall perform useful procedures that will help in resetting the fuser.

As if the issue has occurred due to some problem in power, this will remove the error immediately. Now, for resetting the fuser, it is crucial to locate the home and screen buttons and press them simultaneously for about 6 seconds so that the printer opens into the service mode and you can perform the required operations. After that, choose the User tools and from the given printer models, select the printer model that you have. Later, choose the fuser reset error and let your printer reboot and start again.

Step 2: Now that you have formatted the fuser settings back to the factory reset mode.

It is the right time that you move towards the step of resetting the printer back to its factory reset mode. This will help in refurnishing the Ricoh printer as well as will save all the previously made amendments. For resetting the printer, you must start by switching the printer on and then, waiting for around 4 minutes so that it becomes fully operational. After that, you may take out the power cord from printer’s back and remove it from the switchboard. Further, wait for about 2 minutes, and then again put the power cable back on both the printer and the switchboard to operate the printer. After that, you may turn on the printer and check that the error might have disappeared and you can now print all your sheets hassle-free.

This procedure is the most effective method to bring your Ricoh printer back into the operational mode. Thus, you must try out the above steps if you face Ricoh Printer error SC 544-00. However, if the printer does not still perform the printing function, it is high time that you must consult a good printer technician who can not only aid you in fixing your Ricoh printer but also provide relevant guidelines for any printer issues that may arise in future.

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