Ricoh printers have long been renowned for their exceptional quality within the computer industry. However, even with such superior printers, occasional faults may arise.

One such error code is SC 544-00, which typically indicates an issue with the fuser, particularly when it becomes overheated. This error, classified as part of the 5 series of errors, often leads to problems with paper feeding.

If you’re seeking an effective solution for resolving the Ricoh printer error SC 544-00 and restoring your printer’s functionality and convenience, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we provide a complete guide to fix this error.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Error SC 544-00

Rectifying this issue and bringing your printer back to its operational state involves just two simple steps. Follow the instructions below, and you’ll likely be able to resolve the Ricoh Printer Error SC 544-00:

Step 1: Resetting the fuser

If the error is due to a power-related problem, this step will help eliminate the error promptly. To reset the fuser, locate the home and screen buttons on your printer and press them simultaneously for approximately 6 seconds.

This action will open the printer into service mode, allowing you to perform the necessary operations. Next, select User tools and choose your specific printer model from the options provided. Then, select the fuser reset error and allow your printer to reboot and restart.

Fix Ricoh printer error sc 544-00

Step 2: Restoring factory settings

Now that you’ve reset the fuser settings, it’s time to reset the printer back to its factory defaults.

This process will restore the Ricoh printer to its original state while preserving any previous customizations you made. Begin by turning the printer on and waiting for about 4 minutes for it to fully initialize.

Then, disconnect the power cord from the printer and unplug it from the switchboard. Wait for approximately 2 minutes before reconnecting the power cable to both the printer and the switchboard.

Finally, power on the printer and check if the error has disappeared, allowing you to print your documents effortlessly.

By following the above steps, you can effectively resolve the Ricoh printer error SC 544-00 and restore your printer to its operational state.

However, if the issue persists and your printer still fails to print, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a qualified printer technician.

A professional technician can not only help you fix your Ricoh printer but also provide valuable guidance for any future printer-related issues that may arise.

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