Laserjet P1005 printers are a new invention of HP. With a lot of new specifications, world’s secured printing, latest technologies, these printers have made their position in the market worldwide. They allow a maximum of 25 people to work together in cloud technology, printing 20 pages per minute, and is a fast working technology. When a product is having maximum usage, it is obvious that users will face certain errors. The most basic one is engine scanning error.

HP Laserjet P1005 Engine Scanner Error

Before knowing about How to fix HP Laserjet P1005 Engine Scanner Error, you must know what error codes or control panel messages pops-up. For all the error codes to resolve one basic trick is to turn the printer off and again on it and perform the task.

  • For error code 12 and 13 – the scanner motor cannot fetch the home position. To solve this, replace the motor.
  • For error code 16 – the CIS sensor within the scanner does not communicate with the printer. To fix the error, first, follow the basic trick, then check all flat-flexible cables within the scanner and reconnect them. If the error still exists, then replace the formatter or the internal scan assembly.
  • For error code 17 – the position of the motor in the scanner is incorrect. Check the scanning carriage and find out whether any internal object is obstructing the scan head.
  • For error code 23 – failure occurs in the scanner calibration. Perform the basic trick, then check all flat-flexible cables, and reconnect them. If the problem exists, replace the formatter card.

The problem that generally faced is you cannot copy or scan any document but printing is possible.  To fix HP Laserjet P1005 engine scanner Error, try to follow the guidelines properly.

  1. Switch off the printer and disconnect the power cord from the power source.
  2. Check the cable connection. Though the problem may arise from the formatter card, in most of the cases the cable connection is thoroughly checked.
  3. Clean the cord and reconnect it properly.
  4. Now check the formatter card, try to replace it. If the error persists, then the problem is arising from your scanner.
  5. So you need to check the scanner. Problems may be with the cable or the motor and gears within the bracket.
  6. Open the motor and clean it up.
  7. In most of the cases, the bracket breaks down, if that is the case then visit a service centre for replacing it. The problem is a minor one and can be solved.
  8. After cleaning the motor, check the gears. If they are tightened up, then loosen them. If the gears remain tight, the motor cannot take the load and results in the error.
  9. Connect with the power source and check if your question about How to fix HP Laserjet P1005 Engine Scanner Error has been resolved or not.

For better guidance and confident results, contact an expert. Working yourself with not much experience may damage the printer.

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