Is your Brother printer receiving the ‘Drum error’? Then, you have to clean the corona wire on the drum unit of your printer immediately to resolve the issue. Brother Printer users often face this common error but before calling the company for an instant tech-support, trying some steps can help to resolve the issue. Have you been facing the issue for quite some time and keep asking yourself  how to fix Brother Printer Error Drum? Then we here have some solutions for you. Follow the given steps and DIY resolving the error and see whether it’s gone or not.

Step 1 Fix Brother Printer Error Drum

  • Slowly open the lid of the printer and remove the drum unit
  • Also, remove the toner cartridge assembly
  • Keep a piece of paper on which the parts can be kept to avoid spilling of the toner

Step 2

  • Now, clean the corona wire gently
  • Clean it by gently sliding the Green tab from one side to another recurrently until clean it properly
  • Now, you have to make sure that the Green tab is placed in the home position on the left-hand
  • If the Green tab is not seated in the home position properly, the printed pages will keep receiving vertical stripes down the pages. Fix Brother Printer Error Drum Therefore, to avoid such a consequence, you should place the Green tab rightfully on the home position.

Step 3

  • Now, on the right-hand side of the drum, you’ll find two pieces of bare metal bodies like stapler along with a tiny rod-like object.
  • Take a soft and dry lint cloth to clean off these three objects very carefully.

Step 4

  • Now, after cleaning the pieces properly, install the toner and drum assembly back to your Brother Printer and close the front door properly.
  • Make sure, that you’re using a factory-made genuine Brother Printer toner and drum assembly to avoid any further
  • Now, run a test printing.
  • If you find that the error persists, go to the next step.

Step 5

  • If the error Drum still persists, you have to replace the drum assembly.
  • Consider resetting the Drum Counter
  • Press the ‘Menu’ option> click on the ‘Machine Info’> now click on ‘Reset ’
  • Now, by pressing ‘Up’ & ‘Down’ key, you have to select the color of the drum you’re about to replace
  • Press Ok
  • Now Press 1 to reset the drum unit counter
  • Press Stop or Exit when

Even after undergoing all the given steps, you found the issue persists; then you have to call a printer technician to check what went wrong with the printer.

If you’re an honest customer and user of Brother Printer, try to follow what they suggest. According to the technicians of the Canadian Company, Fix Brother Printer Error Drum users should use the original cartridges and parts when replacing the original one. It helps the printer to easily gell with the known parts and enables better functionality that it lacks when replaced with cheap cartridges or non-branded drum assembly parts.

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