Perhaps the best-known printer manufacturers in the world, consistently revolutionising the industry, Epson has recently come out with their latest product. They have announced the Workforce Pro WFC4310, a dependable and efficient colour printer. They have taken into account their customer’s current needs, like the work environment and usability and made the simplest solution catering to all those requirements. The Wf-C4310 offers much more reliable performance with reduced overall downtime and is powered by the PrecisionCore heat-Free tech. If you are looking for a printer that offers highprecision printing but also has low power consumption, this is one you should not miss out on.

It also offers a rather remarkable recommended MPV (monthly page volume) of at least 1,600 pages with print speeds of 11 colour/21 black ISO ppm. It also includes the fast first-page-out feature everyone was looking forward to. In addition to that, the compact design of this printer is what makes it a great buy. Epson has really outdone itself with this printer as it has paid attention to every intricate detail, whether physical or functional. This further makes the WF-C4310 a great option for all room settings you can imagine, be it the back office, a desk with limited space or the counter.

As Epson America Inc.’s product manager, Madison Philips, rightly said, the WF-C4310 was designed to attend to offices and businesses of varied stature. Like it can fit in a smaller office with less room, a large office will also find some use for it. This basically caters to the needs of multiple users and, quite frankly, excels at those. Businesses like hospitality, corporate and government offices, and retail, which often need high output and easy functionality, will surely see the importance of and efficiency of this product.

The government also comes with a wide variety of features that have almost become a necessity in today’s market. Some notable mentions when it comes to the features added include:

Wireless connectivity and security:

How well your printer is connected to the other systems you need can make a lot of difference. Plugging and unplugging the printer every other minute can be a cumbersome process and time-consuming, especially in smaller spaces. However, the government has kept that in mind and came out with the WFC4310, which has built-in wireless Ethernet networking and Wi-Fi Direct. This allows your printer to always be connected, negating all the complications that come with it.

Support of Epson:

Epson has deliberately ensured that the WF-C4310 is easy to set up and use. It will seamlessly connect and function as a part of your existing setup. The WF-C4310 also uses the more capable DuraBrite instant dry pigment. This will ensure that you are getting quality prints with no bleeding or smudges. You will also get a 2-year warranty and product protection that will only make its use more efficient for any business.

You can buy the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C4310 from BusinessFirst Dealers authorised by Epson. If you want to learn more about this printer, you can also visit the official website of Epson.

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