There is no doubt that the digital industry has emerged with all its colour and grandeur in this recent era; there is a dire need to know about a few facts before you make a decision. Scodix, the leading provider of pioneering digital solutions, houses multiple presses worldwide. Their all-new technology of the next-generation ultra-digital press series is something that you shan’t miss out on. In the event you are into the graphic arts industry, you might need to know about the latest technology that Scodix has brought. The new Scodix ultra 6000 digital enhancement press is the first 41inch display to be printed in a single go.

Be sure to get a professional finish.

Scodix is one of the largest production houses of digital enhancement because of its sheer technology. It is not for nothing that Scodix ultra, the only pioneering digital solution in America, has now expanded its wing to Canada, receiving orders from 20,000 customers all across the world. Thus, if you are considering investing in digital enhancement, Scodix is something you must know about. They employ a technology that allows them to enhance sheets up to 41 inches with every corner-to-corner detail. So, if you are the one in need to print a high-quality business card, Scodix Ultra 600 is quite a reliable solution.

Delve into the variety

Scodix is most preferred among all graphic designers because of its ability to deliver an incredible variety. The latest technology will allow you to swap from one enhancement to another easily. This allows you to get variations for the same old design that you which is unlike any of the printing technology in recent days. Another thing you need to know is that Scodix 6000 works seamlessly, taking 40 inches to press dramatically to the Enhancement zone, which allows you to save a significant amount of cost per sheet.

Bears no boundaries

The software that Scodix employs allows you to seamlessly work on barcodes and QR codes which is indeed a solution that saves the modern need for payment through a gateway solution. This is undoubtedly an exciting development that allows you to enhance a wider part for a broader base of customers. You also need to know that a combination of hardware and software allows you to enhance a larger part of the sheet. The LPI technology also leaves room for the future development of sheet enhancement.

The conclusion In the likely event you are in the digital industry; you might need to have a detailed idea about enhancing. A qualified individual might be able to help. Hence if you are considering investing in LPI technology, Scodix Ultra 6000 is the most viable solution.

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