Mitchell Press Ltd. in Burnaby, British Columbia, will house the first LandaNanographic Printing® Press in Canada, according to Landa Digital Printing and Mitchell.

Mitchell is one of Western Canada’s and the Pacific Northwest’s largest print and visual communication providers. Mitchell Press is one of Western Canada’s and the Pacific Northwest’s largest print and visual communication providers.

The Landa S10P Nanographic Printing Press reproduces up to 96% of Pantone colors, has a speed of 6,500 sheets per hour, a double-sided B1 (41″) format, is compatible with all off-the-shelf substrates, has robust data-driven printing options, and is simple to integrate with workflows and other upstream and downstream systems.

The Landa digital press challenges us to reimagine print; instead of producing 500 of one book, let’s create 500 books of one — completely personalized, with an incredibly high-quality bar.” “What was once a pipe dream is now a cost-effective reality,” says Scott Gray, EVP, of Mitchell Press.

Mitchell Press is also looking forward to using the S10P for hybrid applications, which will allow it to optimize its offset fleet. The new press will also be used to investigate the capabilities of the company’s advanced, data-driven Project28 division.

Mitchell Press has always prioritized investing in the best technology from companies that share our values and enthusiasm for continuous improvement and innovation,” says David Mitchell, director and owner of Mitchell Press.

“We believe Landa technology will continue to inspire us in terms of print capabilities, and we are confident that our partnership will further broaden Mitchell Press’s window of possibilities.”

Mitchell’s executive team agrees that the Landa S10P offers superior benefits across the board. Mitchell Press president Garry Gunter says, “The Landa press gives us the adaptability of digital as well as quality that is arguably better than offset.”

“In addition, in this time of supply chain challenges, its media versatility, B1 format, and cost-effectiveness are especially important.”  Landa is transforming the print communications landscape, allowing printers to close critical run-length gaps while also improving quality, costs, and timelines for existing work.

That’s before we even get to the new revenue opportunities, such as custom data-driven applications, that a LandaNanographic Printing press can provide.

“We are proud to welcome Mitchell Press, a leading print provider for nearly a century, to the Landa family, and we thank them for the honor of bringing significant benefits to the company and its customers.”

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