SPEE3D and the British Army have come together to showcase the new WarpSPEE3D printer and its benefits in additive manufacturing technology for defence. A pioneer in the fastest metal 3D printing industry, SPEE3D has recently announced how the British Army has asked for their support in concept assessment all throughout Project Convergence 2022 by the U.S. Army’s Future Command. SPEE3D agreed and became the first-ever additive manufacturing company to be associated with the British Army. In the press release, they used multimedia to showcase the deployable technology used in the new WarpSPEE3D printer. This technology will further help to print 3D parts in-field under different circumstances.

Lately, Project Convergence has taken on a new effort, promoting the ‘learn, experiment and demonstrate’ campaign. The project will host about 300 innovative technologies from 30th October to 9th November of this year in Fort Irwin, California. The joint will mainly focus on enhancing multinational inoperability for the future. Thousands of U.K., Australian and U.S. service members, industry partners, and researchers will use, evaluate and experiment with these new technologies.

As told in an interview by SPEE3D’s CEO and Co-founder, Byron Kennedy, they are quite excited to be a part of the British Army’s collaboration and look forward to experimenting and exploring all the possibilities and impacts in the military of their additive manufacturing technology. Their partnership started two years prior to this initiative and has surely reassured the necessity of 3D printing in the military. They think it can help solve a number of challenges faced by the soldiers in-field and, at times, when they need a quick, deployable solution, printing the necessary parts quickly.

Before this, SPEE3D has been a regular choice for defence all around the world, showing off its innovative and useful additive manufacturing technology. This has only made how it can be used to resolve some of the most dominant supply chain problems clear. The British Army is also looking forward to the partnership, and Davidson Reith, the Lieutenant Colonel, has also expressed his excitement.

What makes SPEE3D the number one choice for such endeavours is its patented and unique technology. When compared to other 3D metal printing technologies in the world, SPEE3D’s systems are a lot faster and more affordable. This allows users to produce all kinds of high, industrial-quality metal parts from any location. Unlike most other big additive manufacturing printers, SPEE3D’s system does not use any helium or other gases. More so, you will not have to melt metals to produce the parts. You can get more than ten material sets, like nickel-based carbides, stainless steel, copper, titanium, and aluminium. That said, SPEE3D is not a newcomer in this industry or a partnership of a similar kind. Only in the previous month, they announced their newest project, WarpSPEE3D, which was the first metal printer to have successfully produced parts for the U.S. Naval ship. They also came up with the XSPEE3D, which is deemed the world’s fastest and most efficient containerised metal printer. It is very easy to use, highly mobile and allows you to print all kinds of parts in mere minutes.

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