APR (All Printing Resources) has confirmed the establishment of a new facility at Ontario in Canada. Jeff Dancer has come on-board the team for supporting the new unit, leading the team as the director for the Canadian Division.

APR presently offers diverse solution-based products for the USA flexographic printing sector along with reliable service and technical support, with an aim towards ensuring higher time and cost savings.

The CEO and President at APR, Dave Nieman, feels that the Canadian market possesses a robust digital and flexographic community. He adds that the company wishes to ensure good technical support for consumers here along with more innovative reductions in costs.

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Jeff Dancer joins the team at All Printing Resources (APR) after spending three decades in the flexographic market in North America. His experience in service and sales management will help the APR team tap the market in Canada.

He states that it will be a great opportunity to come on-board at APR since it has a well-established reputation as a leader in the flexographic segment, especially with its technology.

He also adds that it is an exciting opportunity to build a new division that will offer similar support and service to the market in Canada, just as the USA market has received for several years.

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