So, if the latest reports are anything to believe, Canada is witnessing the first Landa Nanographic printing press. It has been ten years ever since Landa unveiled the Nanographic printing technology. If the reports are anything to go by, Mitchell Press’s owner and director confirm one thing.

Mitchell Press hasbeen a premium company to have invested in the most sought-after technology from companies sharing their passion and values for constant innovations and improvements.

Owing to the innovations and improvements, Mitchell Press gets a rewarding opportunity to become the home of the very first Nanographic Printing Press. So, Canada will witness the very first Landa Nanographic Printing in Canada.

Mitchel Press is one of the most prominent print & visual communication providers in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. You might have already known that Landa S10P Nnographic Printing Press provides:

  • Reproduction of around 96% of Pantone colors
  • Double-sided 41” (or B1 format)
  • Speed of 6,500 sheets for every hour
  • Compatibility with the off-the-shelf substrates
  • Strong data-based printing solutions
  • Seamless integration with the workflows
  • Downstream and upstream systems

Mitchell Press’s owner and director, David Mitchell, believes that Mitchell Press has always been a premier in investing in the most sought-after technologies. The company believes that Landa technology continues to motivate the printing capabilities. With this, the company stays confident about itspartnerships.

The team also agrees that Landa S10P provides immense benefits in various aspects. Landa Press offers the digital adaptability & quality that makes them better. That’s what the president of Mitchell Press, Garry Gunter, confirms.

Mitchell Press is enthusiastic about using S10P for a hybrid application. It allows the organization to optimize the offset fleet. As per the recent confirmation, the company now looks forward to using the press. They want to explore the potential of the data-driven and advanced division.

Landa digital press now pushes to re-imagine the print. Mass customization was indeed a dream. But in today’s world, it has become an inexpensive reality. The company’s business officer, Sharon Cohen, states that Landa has been revamping the landscape of print communication. That makes it possible for the printers to enhance the costs and quality of the existing work.

Landa is proud to welcome Mitchell Press. It now looks forward to bringing significant perks to the customers and the company.

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