Be it your home or office, efficient and affordable tools, and machines can lower workload and time to handle tasks in bulk. To facilitate ‘Harmony at work,’ Canon, the digital imaging giant, has announced launching two new inkjet printers and two new laser printers. It focuses on the 3-in-1 MAXIFY GX3020 printer and 4-in-1 MAXIFY GX4020 printer lineup at a reasonable rate. These models, installed with a continuous ink supply, reduce the overall ink costs, even when required in high volumes.

With their latest versions, the MAXIFY GX and imageCLASS printer lines are adding to Canon’s black and white printer series. The new series, installed with advanced printing technology and inks, can simplify the task and helps handle the bulk task easily. Businesses and households should use the latest imageCLASS MF264dw II and MF262dw II printers. These are also perfect for hybrid and remote workers and small business owners. It can deliver a high printer speed of 18 images per minute in black and white and 13 images per minute in color. The new machine has multiple paper paths, a 100-sheet rear tray, 250 sheet front loading cassette and a flat tray to print on thick papers.

The black ink in the MAXIFY GX4020 and GX3020 printers can print 14000 sheets and 6000 sheets using black ink. The warranty comes with a maintenance cartridge and printing longevity. The latest launch is perfect for compact spaces.

The printers are perfect for integrating and work with poster-creating software.  In addition, the new imageCLASS black and white laser printer can also print the first page in just six seconds and is ideal for office and home users. The benefits it offers are:

Gives High Printing Results

The imageCLASS MF264dw II and MF262dw II printers can print up to 1700 pages per cartridge. It has a replacement of high capacity cartridge to print up to 4100 pages.

Auto Replenishment

Canon offers auto-replenishment service, making its printing perfect for getting perfect toner management. It also saves printing time, and replacement of the models is easy.

Adjustable Screen

The new printers come with an adjustable control panel, backlit screen and ease of usage.

Availability of the new machine The MAXIFY GX4020 and GX3020 printers are readily available in the market from Canon stores for $499 and $399, respectively. Moreover, the imageCLASS MF264dw II and MF262dw II printers are available for $229 and $199. Check the specifications from the Canon store online and order.

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