Recently, KB4522016 update is become the hot topic online by Windows 10 after things were revealed by a former employee relating to updates and why they’re so elusive nowadays.

Microsoft has posted an update for Windows Docs, warning all users that its KB4522016 update released sometime earlier may have a peculiar side effect.

This pertains to breakage of printing abilities across all Windows 10 versions. This update has been swiftly released for patching this security issue.

Microsoft responds to KB4522016 feedback

According to reports, the print spooler solution may have issues in finishing print jobs, leading to print jobs being junked completely or simply failing as per Microsoft’s statement.

As a result, a few apps may show errors or close down upon failure of the print spooler and an RPC (remote procedure call) error could also be received from some printing apps or printing utilities. Windows Server has also been affected as stated by Microsoft.

The company has responded with multiple security updates of its own covering several issues and monthly updates for fixing the problem. Affected users who are desirous of manually getting the update installed may obtain the same aim the Microsoft Update Catalog.

This also covers a solution for the vital zero-day vulnerability that was found in Internet Explorer. Some users will naturally be anxious about this latest solution leading to more problems rather than fixing the ones at hand.

In the last month itself, updates to Windows 10 have affected the Start Menu, Search and even caused issues with audio and USB along with discolouration of the screen, a spike in CPU usage and breakage of internet connectivity.

However, in a positive development, Microsoft has managed to categorize all these updates in order to help users choose the ones that they will install to their machines. This shows that the company is at least attempting to solve customer problems in a pro-active manner.

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