A high-quality Canon Printer will give the experience of excellent printing and longstanding resilience. There are several software errors and hardware difficulties that come with an electronic appliance. They are nothing major but, requires subtle technical intelligence from the company or customer care. If you continue to face a 9923 Error, do not worry; this guide will give you an understanding of the problem and steps to fix error 9923 of Canon Printer. The total understanding of the 9923 error involves two key reasons:


  • the scanner of the printer is not functioning properly
  • faulty installation or difficulties in the installation of the printer drivers.

Fixing such a recurring error can be challenging but not impossible. A layman can solve this issue with the proper steps.

 Technique 1 Hard resetting: restarting the printer after unplugging the main power cable.

This is a hard-reset method to restart the printer. You need to plug off the main power connection when the printer is on and then restart it.

  1. Switch ON the printer
  2. While it is ON, take off the main power chord so that it shuts off
  3. Wait for one minute and restart the printer after plugging in the main chord to electricity. The plug point should be a direct source of electricity and not to a surge point (indirect source)
  4. Go to the Control Panel and press ON to switch on the printer
  5. Wait till the printer is ON and the LCD screen lights up to show the other functions without any error
  6. You can now start using the printer again and continue the rest of the work

 Technique 2 Re-installing the printer driver using the original cannon CD to fix the error 9923 Of Canon Printer

  1. Start by uninstalling the existing printer drivers in your laptop or PC while the printer is plugged in
  2. Next, detach the USB cable connecting the computer to the canon printer
  3. Go to Settings in your PC and search for the Printer option in ‘Devices’. After that, press the Reset Printer option
  4. You can download the latest version of the printer drivers or use the CD. Reinstall the drivers and that’s it. You are good to go
  5. You will no longer get the ‘Error 9923’ pop-up for your printer

However, there are rare instances where the error 9923 message keeps showing even after rebooting and reinstalling the necessary files. During this case, please contact professional service assistance through canon printer customer care to fix error 9923 of Canon Printer.

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