MCS, the reputed manufacturer of mailing kits, has officially launched its brand new inkjet envelope printer (four-colour). This can be used for offline printing and also for high-speed inserters. This can print at high speeds up to 17,000 pph (DL envelopes). Dye based inks are used by the Condor 250 in case of uncoated envelope stocks and also covers the PDF workflow (MCS Raptor) in a bid to ensure impeccable quality of prints and also superior integrity of the print jobs.

Inkjet envelope printer displayed

The President at MCS, Dave Loos, has already labelled this new inkjet printer as a major solution that advertising mailer entities have been seeking for years. He added that the envelope is something that poses a major challenge to the successful progress of presses which work on the process colour digital format. In case people do not open the envelope, direct mailing will never be a solution according to him. As a result, the Condor 250 brings in process colour inkjet solutions which are more reliable and technologically sound at a price which is only a fraction of what is being offered by competing companies. This ensures more economical printing for large or even medium manufacturers. They can even integrate 4C colour variable data which is trending for current standalone production purposes or enclosing lines.

Capital costs for the Condor 250 are approximately lower than similar 4C colour module solutions by 40% as per reports. The core technological solution is based on the similar thermal inkjet technology from HP which is available in the HP T Series inkjet web presses. It is already a tried and tested industrial mailing solution while also being proven in the manufacturing arena. This offers more competitiveness in tandem with superior quality and reliable technologies from HP and also a higher output for production. The Condor 250 will be retailed commercially from the exclusive distributor for MCS in Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK), Promail.

This machine will be readily compatible with the existing print and read setup (Perfect Match) from MCS. The company has stated that this can be integrated easily into the enclosing line being worked on and will offer higher integrity (matched mail) with regard to large/small direct mailers.

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