The fuser error 50.7 happens on an HP printer because the product has experienced an error with the fuser unit. The fusers for HP latest printers are not too prone to this problem as other manufacturers. However, these printers occasionally face a problem with pressure release mechanism of the fuser. Learn by reading the article how to fix hp printer fuser error 50.7.

Step-By-Step GuideTo Fix Error 50.7

Step 1-

Restart the printer. Sometimes, there is a small fault with the printer flag reader. So, turn off your printer and wait for at least 30 seconds. Then, switch on your printer to see if the problem gets resolved. If the problem is still not resolved with the fuser, switch off the printer for 30 minutes and then start it again. This should ideally solve the issue with the Hp Printer Fuser Error 50.7.

Step 2-

Plug directly into the wall. The printer consumes much voltage, so it needs to be connected directly to a wall plug. If your printer is connected to a power strip along with other devices, it won’t be able to use the kind of voltage which is required for the proper operation of its fuser. Other electronic devices operating from the same wall power source should be avoided at all costs.

Step 3-

Reinstall the fuser. Find the fuser on your printer and remove it from its place. Clean the fuser and make sure there is no residual paper left. Also, make sure that all the gears of the fuser have their teeth while cleaning. Remove the connectors of the fuser motor, fuser unit home-position sensor, and the DC Controller PCA. Once you have done that, reconnect all the wires and put the fuser back in its place.

Step 4-

Fuser pressure-release sensor flag. The printer mechanism uses a camera system to apply and release the pressure on the roller. At the end of the camera is a sensor flag that starts a sensor. If the sensor fails to actuate, the printer throws a 50.7 error. Check if the sensor flag if it is working correctly from the diagnostics menu.

Step 5-

Fuser pressure-release drive test. From the component test, perform a fuser pressure-release drive test to verify that the fuser motor is functioning correctly. Go to your Diagnostics menu and do a test that checks the camera and the pressure-release mechanism. Make sure that everything is working smoothly.

Step 6

Replace the fuser. If the sensor flag does not activate when it should, you need to replace the fuser. If the pressure-release drive test fails, you need to replace the fuser. There are different fusers for different voltages. So, make sure that you get the fuser which is suited for your printer.

It is advisable to purchase only genuine HP fusers because they are designed specifically for its product. If you use a local fuser, you might void your warranty for the printer. This was a complete tutorial for how to fix hp printer fuser error 50.7.

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