It is a fuser over-heating service error on most of HP printers such as HP Laserjet 4250, 4350, 4240, 5200, etc. The fuser error 50.3 on the HP printers is caused because the fuser is at high temperatures. In this step-by-step guide, you are learning how to fix hp printer fuser error 50.3.

Step 1: Firstly, switch off the machine. Since the temperature is too high, you should turn off the printer and let it cool down for a few minutes. After 4 to 5 minutes, switch it on to see if that has helped the printer to get rid of the error.

Step 2: Ensure proper ventilation. The printer has its way of cooling down its interior parts. Some printers use small exhaust fans or adequately planned ventilation techniques to allow it to cool down. So, make sure that the printer has nothing surrounding it. Remove any books, clothes, folders or papers that are lying around the printer and make sure that the printer is not near a wall or a piece of furniture. Keep it away from other objects so that it can “breathe” to cool itself.

Step 3: Check the power cable. Make sure that the power cable of the printer is connected directly to a wall socket. Your printer requires a lot of voltage and power to operate. So, if the printer is connected to a power strip with other devices, it has high chances of faltering. Therefore, avoid using any other heavy load electronics which draw much power in the same circuit as your printer.

Step 4: Check the fuser. There are fusers for different voltage settings which provide different levels of heat to the printer. If the fuser is not connected correctly to the printer, it causes a fuser error 50.3. So, verify that the thermistor connection in the fuser area is firmly connected. If the fuser is connected firmly, check if the fuser is of correct voltage for your machine.

Step 5: Check the fuser settings. Different types of media require different settings of the fuser. So, you need to change the fuser settings for the kind of media that you need to printer otherwise the printer fuser error 50.3 will get overheated. Go to the information menu on your printer and print off the menu map. With the menu map, you have the ability to look through the menu structure of the machine. When you go through the menu, you find fuser settings which are suitable for the type of media.

Step 6. If nothing has fixed the printer till now, it is time to change the fuser. The fuser of the printer is not working and needs to be replaced with proper voltage fuser. Contact the customer support or look online for the correct voltage fuser for your model. Once you get the new fuser, replace it with the current one, and that helps you to know how to fix hp printer fuser error 50.3.

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