There are a few common problems that Canon printer owners run into. These common problems can be solved most of the times very quickly.

Error codes U162 and U163

Here is a how to fix canon printer error codes list.

Error Codes E13, E16, 1686, and 1688

The given error codes on a canon printer indicate that the ink cartridges may have run out of ink. To fix this issue, replace the empty ink cartridges with any compatible cartridges. After replacing the cartridges, close the paper output cover securely.

These error codes indicate that the ink cartridges have been empty and need replacing. If the message continues to persist even after inserting a new cartridge, you can dismiss this error code. When the printer feels that it has run out of ink, it shows these errors. So, you can override this error if you think that this error is by mistake.

On the Canon printer, press and hold the STOP/RESET/RESUME button for 10 seconds. When you press the button for a few seconds, it lets the printer know that the user is aware of the message and wishes to continue printing. So, you will be allowed to print generally after that.

Error code B200

The error code B200 refers to a service error related to the print head of the device. It might mean that print head voltage or temperature is not standard. The official advice from Canon is to do the following. Switch off the printer. Remove the power cable from the power source. Open the printer cover and remove any protective tape. Check if there are foreign objects such as torn pieces of paper, clips, hair, cotton, etc. inside the printer. Remove the cartridges and clean them. Place them back in their place firmly. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, contact the Canon repair center.

Error code 6c10

Canon printers use an internal counter that keeps track of the number of pages that you have printed. This helps the printer to know the level of waste ink gathered in the printer. This error code is displayed when the printer thinks that the level of waste ink assembled is too much. To fix this problem, you will need to clean the foam that collects the waste ink. To do that, open the lid of the printer and look for a piece of plastic that is sticking out. Clean that plastic along with the square that looks like foam with a soft cloth.

Error Code 5011

This error code signifies a printer error. This is an elementary problem which can be resolved merely by powering off the device and unplugging it. After a few minutes, plug the device back again, and that should fix the problem immediately.

This was a list of the most common error codes that you might come across on Canon printers. We hope that this short introduction has answered your question – “How to fix canon printer error codes list.”

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