How to fix HP printer cartridge error 5510? If this is an issue that has been bugging you for a long time now, you can follow several steps in order to solve it. The Printer cartridge error usually crops up once a cartridge is installed.

You should firstly ensure that your cartridge has compatibility with your HP printer. Ensure that cartridges have been properly inserted into your printer. The control panel may throw up any error message otherwise. Turn on the Power button and open the access door for cartridges. The carriage will shift to the access zone likewise. Ensure that the colour for every cartridge label is matching the icon present on the cartridge slot.

Check whether the cartridge is unseated on the carriage and fix if that is the case. In case a cartridge does not go into position or snap in place, remove it first. Thereafter, bend the tab gently away from this cartridge and reinstall it into the printer carriage. Removal and reinstallation of cartridges often helps in fixing this problem.

Other vital steps on how to fix HP printer cartridge error 5510

You can also clean up the electrical contacts on the HP printer cartridge error 5510. Here are the steps that you should be following in this regard:

  • Clean one cartridge at a time and do not keep any cartridge outside for more than half an hour.
  • Have swabs that are free from lint and a paper sheet for keeping your cartridges.
  • Turn on the Power button and get the cartridge access door opened. The power cord can be disconnected and the tab on the cartridge front can be pressed for releasing the same. Then you can pull up the cartridge for removal from its slot.
  • The electrical contacts will be on the bottom and these will be copper coloured usually. Inspect these contacts in case of any build-up of debris and ink.
  • Wipe them clean with the swab likewise.
  • Find electrical contacts in the slot which are four pins in the copper colour.
  • Wipe them clean and with these facing downwards, put the cartridge back into its rightful slot.
  • Close the access door, reconnect the printer’s power cord and press the Power button.

You may try removal or reinstallation of cartridges for fixing this issue or multiple cleaning for the contacts. You can also restart your printer by disconnecting the wall outlet and printer power cords likewise. Wait for some time before reconnecting both cords. Turning the printer on again may solve the issue at hand. You can also replace the faulty cartridge as recommended by several experts. Genuine HP cartridges may also throw up errors at times.

Get your printer serviced if nothing else works. Check the warranty and schedule a service appointment. This will definitely help you find a viable solution in case the above mentioned steps have not worked for you.

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