Thinking of how to fix HP printer ink cartridge problems? You’re certainly at the right place! This error usually shows up in case of HP Photosmart All-In-One Printers including the B009, B110 and B010 among others. The printer control panel screen will show the Ink Cartridge Problem error message and you will be unable to print also.

You should make sure that only genuine HP cartridges are used for the printer. This is very important and if you are using incompatible cartridges, make sure that you purchase a replacement cartridge which will solve the issue in most cases.

Also, the cartridges should be suitably installed. Here are some of the pointers to keep in mind in this regard.

  • Turn on the printer and open the access door for cartridges. The carriage will shift to the centre of the device. Wait until the carriage goes silent and idle.
  • Ensure that the symbol on the cartridge label is matching the symbol on the carriage slot. Check for cartridges which are unseated and if they are, put them in place gently by pressing down on them. The printhead latch should be in the right position downwards.
  • Close the access door accordingly.

Handy ways on how to fix HP printer ink cartridge problems

You can also opt for removal and reinstallation of printer cartridges. This entails the following steps:

  • Get the cartridge access door open and wait till the carriage goes silent and idle.
  • Press the front portion of the cartridge tab for releasing the same and pull it upwards and out from the slot.
  • In case a particular cartridge is already highlighted through the error message, make sure you find that particular one.
  • In case no particular cartridge is specified, remove all of them one by one.
  • Reinstall cartridges once again with the contacts facing the printer carriage. Make sure that you have put them into their proper slots and that they are seated properly.

You may also consider cleaning electrical contacts with cloth free from lint or dry cotton swabs when you’ve got the cartridges out. Make sure that the cartridge is held properly with the nozzle facing upwards. The electrical contacts will be at the bottom and you have to wipe them clean first. Then, wipe the electrical contacts present inside the hp printer carriage slot which are four pins that are copper coloured. Wipe the electrical contacts with a dry cotton swab and put the cartridge into the right slot.

Removal and reinstallation of cartridges often does the trick. You can even unplug the power cord from the back of the printer when it is turned on and the power cord from the wall outlet to reset the same. Wait for 15-20 seconds before reconnecting the cords and powering on the printer. The cartridge may have to be replaced as well or you may have to get the printhead replaced too. If nothing else works, you can schedule an appointment for servicing your HP printer.

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