It is true that we are living in a digital world and need of paper documents have decreased a lot more than that of earlier times but still in some work places we have to present a hard copy of the documents. Thus, the printer is still in much demand. A Dell laptop helps business owners to remain productive everywhere, no matter whether they are in the office or some other place. Connect your printer to your Dell laptop and print documents from spreadsheets, digital documents, presentations and everything you want for your requirement. Even if the manufacturer of both devices is different but laptops and printers are pre-designed to work with each other once they are out of the box. Once you have connected the printer to the laptop, the operating system will assist you in installing process required for establishing the communication between the devices.

Print document in few minutes by connecting your printer to your Dell laptop and solve the problem on how to add printer to Dell laptop.

Step 1

In your Dell laptop, open the CD/DVD drive tray and put the installation disk from the printer. Alternatively, you can also download the latest driver of your printer from the respective company website.

Step 2

Now open the setup wizard window and click on the “Setup” or “Install Printer”. The setup wizard window will appear after closing the drive tray for the optical drive. Or else you can open the windows explorer, then go to the file you have downloaded from the website and then double click on it.

Step 3

A user License Agreement for the printer software may be prompted, accept it. Then follow all the on-screen instructions that come for installing the software and the printer driver till message comes to connect to the printer.

Step 4

Now connect the power cord to the printer and put paper in it, if you have not inserted till now. If your printer is powered on then turn it off before connecting it to the Dell laptop. Now its time to connect the USB data cable to your printer and a free USB port in the Dell laptop.

Step 5

Now power on the printer and allow the installation wizard to recognize the connection and prompt you for installing. Click on the ” Continue” or ” Next” option in your window for set up wizard. Allow few seconds to the utility for configuring the printer to use in the windows.

Step 6

Now click on the “Test Printer “or “Print a Test Page” link in the window for setup wizard. Allow few second to the setup utility for sending test documents to the printer for printing. Now it’s time to click on “Finish” or “Ok” button in the window showing the setup wizard. Now take out the installation disc from the drive and close window explorer, in case you have downloaded the setup file from the internet.

Now your printer is ready for printing documents from the Dell Laptop!

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