Dell Printers are known for their outstanding performance, excellent printing quality and user-friendly interface. Its customizable and compactable features make it the best choice for end users. However, still such high-performing printers are inclined to firmware error 900.57. Firmware errors usually occur because of application malfunction and may result in sudden turn on and off your printer.

Have you ever received repair firmware error 900.57 on Dell printer? Following are the common causes of this error occurrence on your Dell printer:

  • Incorrect or failed installation of software
  • Conflicting drivers or duplicate IP address
  • Invalid files in Windows registry
  • Virus or malware attack
  • Sudden shutdown of system due to a power failure
  • Defective toner cartridges

Given below are the common fixes to repair and find out how to fix Dell printer firmware error 900.57

  • Reimage Repair Tool

 Download Reimage Repair Tool to scan, detect and tune up system settings, and repair the registry to restore stability and fix system errors like Firmware Error. The tool also finds and removes malicious items hidden on the computer.

  • Check Cable Connections

 Switch off the printer and computer. Disconnect the printer from any data cables (Ethernet, USB, Parallel, and Fax) or wireless networks. Now, turn the printer on. Try printing the settings report from the control panel menu to complete the Power on Self-Test (POST). If the settings report results in a 900-firmware error, follow the next steps.

  • Reset Network Connection

 Plug back the data cables and restart the printer. Wait for a minute as the printer re-establishes the network communication. Try printing a Windows test page from your PC and if the error message reoccurs, clear the printing jobs and reinstall the drivers.

  • Remove the Print Queues

 Remove all printing and scanning tasks from the print queues on all systems which have been assigned to your EPSON printer. 

  • Reinstall the Printer Driver

 Uninstall the printer driver from the system and restart the system or print spooler service. Download and install the latest version of the drivers from support website of Dell.  Reinstall the drivers and attempt to print a test document again. In case the error message reoccurs, there is a possibility of printer spooler being corrupted.

  • Change the Printer’s IP Address

 There is a possibility that the printer displays 900 firmware error when connected to a network while there are no printing jobs in the queue. This usually occurs when a source on the network send corrupt data which the printer cannot interpret. Turn off the printer and unplug all the data cables connected to the printer.  Turn on the printer on and go to control panel. Change the IP address of the printer to a static address. This should be a different one or a new IP address, and should not be in use on the internet network.  Reconnect the data cables to the printer and check for the error message.

For any queries related to Dell Printers, get in touch with Dell Printer Support Services for instant support and quick solutions.

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