If it’s the query how to install Dell wireless printer without CD, then there are several steps that you can take in this regard. You can obviously install and add your printer from Dell even in a situation where you simply do not have your installation CD or have misplaced it. In these cases, you can simply download the software and get the same installed from the Dell Support website.

How to install Dell wireless printer without CD- Vital information for you

You can simply connect the Dell printer to the computer and it may be recognized and identified as a printer. In case you have Plug and Play turned on, Windows could possibly get the printer installed and enable printing simply through the plug-in activity. In case it does not happen this way and you are using a network based printer, choose Add a Printer in the search menu for Windows. Then go to the Settings option and choose Advanced Printer Setup.

Choose Add a Printer and then get the Installation wizard up and running before executing the instructions on the screen. The procedure may help you download all software that is required for printer installation via Windows Updates. You have to then zero in on your printer model. This will make the entire process swifter. The printer should have the model name shown on its front. In case this is not visible you can still find it by checking a computer that used this printer earlier. This will be available in the list of installed printers which can be viewed via the Control Panel-Devices and Printers.

The Dell Support site will have search options and other lists which will enable you to get access to the software for your printer and drivers. Type the model name in the search bar or check the list of printers to find your product. Once this is done, you will have a page listing out the software choices available for your printer. Take your pick depending on which software package is suitable for the operating system on your computer and download software to your machine accordingly.

Post download, install the software by finding the program for setup via the list of browser downloads or Windows Explorer and then double click for running the program. Simply execute the instructions on the screen for installing the Dell wireless printer to your computer. You will also have to link up the printer to the computer via USB or the requisite cable prior to starting the program for setup.

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