Right from our school days, the ‘printer’ has played a major role. From assignments to making projects, the printer had been a handy tool for us. Today, in this age of competition when schools demand creativity and out of the box thinking in projects, the printer has become a must to portray inventiveness out of an individual.  Whether it is for school or small businesses, a printer has been a life saver for us. Nowadays, they come with the scanning facility, and facility of wireless networks using which you can print from anywhere in your house or office. We all must have come across various types of printers such as laser printer, ink jet printer, and matrix printer. Every printer basically uses 4 types of inks:

  • Liquid Ink
  • Toner Ink
  • Solid Ink
  • Ribbons Ink

Each of the above has a different way of printing paper. While some use crayons or wax which is heated, some come with the cartridges which must be filled or replaced timely to experience better printing, and some come with the color-ribbons which pass ink in the machine and paper gets printed. All of them require refilling. Let’s know more about how to fill the ink in different types of Dell printers.

Firstly, let’s understand the quick process of installing a cartridge or toner in a printer:

Set up your printer by putting paper input tray, language panel, connecting power cable to a power adapter and plugin to the printer. Once you’re done putting power cable of printer, the printer prompts you for inserting cartridges. The process on how to fill ink in Dell printer.

 Quite simple:

  • Remove the cartridge from the packaging
  • Rotate the cartridge cap counter clockwise until the seal breaks
  • Lift the scanner unit and insert the cartridge in the slot
  • Put the cartridge in the desired color location
  • Run your index finger from the rear until you hear the audible click
  • Close the scanner unit and load paper in the input tray
  • The printer will automatically print an alignment page
  • Install the software from the CD
  • Connect the USB cable when prompted and follow the on-screen instruction
  • You’re done and now you can print the desired images.

The validity of the cartridge depends on your printing capacity. Let us now understand about filling the cartridges once you’re out of the inks.

Filling Process:

  • Every cartridge has locking clicks, but the printer is easily accessible. All you have to do is to open that plastic cover
  • Once you’re done, remove the cover completely and open the round plastic cap
  • Empty the whole cartridge in the plastic bag
  • Refill the cartridge with the ink
  • Remove and reset the new chip of the cartridge
  • Put it back as it is

Whether it is inkjet, toner, or color laser printer, the process remains the same.

This was all about the refilling of the ink in all the dell printers. The process is quite simple and less messy.

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