Urgently need to print some pages for your important project but have no time to visit the cafe? Then, utilize the printer you have been hoarding so long and finish your task. Just by following a few simple steps, you will be able to install the device properly.  This article tries to cover all the prevalent situations to make the action easy.

So, pay attention and clear your doubts on how to download my printer to my computer doubts.

Steps to Follow :

In order to install a printer, you need to install the required software as well as drivers. You can visit the printer manufacturer’s page and then visit the related links on the drivers’ pages.


  • The first and the foremost step will be to connect your computer to the printer using a suitable option like the SCSI cable, Parallel port cable or USB cable.
  • You need to put the power plug into the outlet to get a stable connection. Nowadays, the USB cable is a favourite option for most computer printers for home.

You can follow this same process to connect the printer with your laptop. However, if you have a network printer, then you need to connect it with the RJ-45 connection or with a wireless network.

Setup and Install

For the installation into an operating system, every printer has a software system.

  • Turning on the computer, you now need to insert the CD and wait for automatic installation. If that doesn’t happen, you need to go to My Computer and click twice on the CD drive.
  • Click the install or set up If you have already downloaded the drivers, you can then run the setup file which you have just downloaded.
  • For a successful installation, follow the instructions of the installation wizard and wait for the entire procedure to complete.

If you have lost the CD or have no disc drive, you can visit the printer’s drivers’ page by the manufacturer and download the software. After downloading, you just need to run the file for installation.


An installation is successful only when you are able to print properly and to check that, you need to print a self-test page.

  • The windows users need to open the control panel and click twice on Printers and Fax, Devices and Printers, or Printers
  • By right-clicking the printer you need to verify, you will reach the Properties. However, if you can’t see your printer that means it is not yet installed.
  • In the Properties window, click the Print Test Page option and wait for the result.

If, you get the printed test-page, then Bingo! You are successful.

These are the ways, for how to download my printer to my computer to use your printer with the home computer. However, if you aren’t interested in having the extra software programs, then you can install the printer just by using the drivers taking help from the above process.

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