The advent of modernization, which is mainly characterized by techs and tools, is ruling the world. There is no doubt that these innovations are the answers to the bygone era’s inabilities; it is better to learn ways to sustain with it than sink into the realm of inabilities. One such innovation that has revolutionized the notion of printing and press is a printer. As the day passes, the printer is getting updated so that it requires no wire to perform all its functionality. This a great step towards a truly wireless future which is believed will rule the world one day.

Connect Epson Printer to wifi

Benefits of a printer

Choosing the device for your home with the ballistic capacity to work for you can be quite daunting. Having given so many options, you may feel overwhelmed to choose the best. However, when it comes to printers, a multi-functional printer comes with a package of benefits. A multi-functional printer usually comes with a few functionalities, such as

  • Photocopying
  • Scanning
  • Email
  • Faxing

Although there is nothing that comes in the way of a wireless printer when it comes to quality and efficiency, wireless printers are Equipped to connect with multiple devices entailing tablets, mobiles, and other mini printers; it is really making an actual wireless future. However, a few advantages of a wireless printer are discussed below.


As wireless printers perform most dynamically, it allows an individual to work on the go. This dynamism is especially helpful for the retailers to cope with the sales to make additional checkout during peak hours and the logistics when it is needed to carry to monitor the truck’s weight.


Perhaps there where lies the true benefits of wireless printer seamlessly connects with various devices and performs intuitively. The worker can print receipts, inspection data on the go without having to connect with the device.


To know How to Connect epson printer to wifi Without password you will have to understand the multifaceted functionality. A wireless printer setup can be connected to any device to print anything at considerable speed which gives the optimum result in benefitting the medical professional by printing tickets and prescriptions. Based on your requirement, a wireless printer can function in various ways, from printing receipts for the retailers to printing tickets for medical purposes.


As wireless printers are light and portable and can be placed while equipped with the ballistic capacity to perform with any device, make them quite convenient.

Ways to connect to WIFI without password

If you are an individual thinking How to Connect Epson printer to wifi Without password then perhaps you have landed on the right article which will cast light on the subject. The first thing you may need to do is turn on the printer to connect with a device you would like to work with. The next step entails you to press and hold together the WIFI plus Info button to enable the WIFI direct mode; remember to press and hold for seven seconds to get to the print information status page. Followed by the next step, where your printer will need to connect with the device you want to work with; in that regard, make sure your device is equipped with the Epson iprint application, which you can download from. In case you fail to download the application, you will require to log into the printer’s webpage using the IP address of the model, where you will find the printed information of the page listed under properties and wireless connection info.

To know How to Connect epson printer to wifi Without password you will need to log into your preferable browser and type the printer’s IP address. Remember that you will be able to work if you have the Epson iprint app downloaded seamlessly. However, the next step would be selecting the advanced settings listed under your web page’s combobox and select network settings to connect through the WIFI network. All now you are left to do to simply select a file you would like your Epson printer to print for you.

The conclusion Now that you have a clear idea about connecting your printer without a WIFI password, all you are left to do is enjoy the seamless performance. It is expected that your Epson wireless printer gives optimum performance through its dynamism.

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