There are four ways by which you can locate the IP address on most of the printers. You need to look at the printer’s menu then check the computer’s printer settings, issue the command, or find a router. The article gives detailed information on how to find IP address on the Toshiba printer.

How to find IP address on Toshiba printer: Use the Built-in menu of the Printer

In most of the printers, the printer menu contains options, wireless settings, or preferences along with the network settings. The Toshiba printer IP address appears on the top hand side of the printer network settings. If it does not appear, then click on the “View Wireless Details” option to get the IP address. It is not allowed to set the IP address manually in most of the printers. Therefore, the wireless router provides an automatic IP address connecting your device to your residential network. 

How to find IP address on Toshiba printer: Printer settings of PC

For Windows:

  • Go to Control Panel then the “Devices and Printers” option. Then select the printer details.
  • Choose the Ports option. The IP address will appear on the Port field.
  • If you do not find the IP Address, then click on the “Configure Port” option to view the configured IP address of that printer.
  • Also remember, that different versions of windows will have a slightly different method to go to the Control Panel and find the IP address.
  • You can use any one of the four mentioned methods here in the article to find the IP address. 

How to find IP address on Toshiba printer: Issue a command

Another way of how to find the IP address on the Toshiba printer is with the help of the command prompt.

For windows

  • Enter CMD on the start menu.
  • Select the “Command prompt” from the Best match menu.
  • Then put in the netstat-r and click on Enter. A list of active routers will appear in the IPv4 Route Tab if the device is connected via TCP/IP and not WSD. 

For Marcos

  • Open your browser and put in the localhost:631/printers to view the list of associated IP addresses and printers. This information appears under the Location column.
  • In the case of AirPrint Printer, you need to open the Applications option, utilities, terminal and put in ippfind. 
  • Enter the alphanumeric expression displayed on the screen to view the IP address.

How to find IP address on Toshiba printer: Use the network router  The last method of how to find IP address on Toshiba printers that can be used are as mentioned below. The IP addresses registered cause network traffic that is managed by the router on every device. You will have to enter the router to see the IP. You will require the router’s administrator ID and password. If you have no clue about it, then ask the individual who had set it up for you. 

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