How to Instant Setup Canon Wireless Printer on IPad is a commonly asked question among the IPad and Canon Printer users. There is no denying the fact that the convenience of the wireless printing is quite obvious to any user. If you travel a lot, then no doubt wireless printing is one of the most preferred options.

On the other hand, the mobility offered by the Apple devices is simply unmatched. You would rarely face issues even when you are away from your office as there is no need to fumble for a cable to take printouts from your IPad.

In case you don’t know, Apple devices come with the phenomenal AirPrint utility which makes the connection between the Canon Printer and the Apple device seamless, fast and easy. So with these things in mind, let’s take a glance at how to instant setup Canon Wireless Printer on IPad.

Ways to add a Printer to an IPad

Always remember that the most effective way to print from an IPad is via the AirPrint function. It comes integrated with the Apple devices which exudes practicality to the users. When compared to other OS, Apple devices usually don’t configure the printers from the settings menu.

So what you do is to switch on your printer and open the standard IPad app.  Any standard IPad such as mail will be fine. You have to select the share icon to print. In the next step, you have to select the printer and choose the AirPrint enabled Canon wireless printer from the list of available printers.

This is just an example of how to take printouts straight from the mailbox of your IPad. Note that almost all the apps present in the IPad have a share icon which makes taking printouts easy and straightforward.

Ways to Print without an AirPrint Enabled Printer

No doubt, the AirPrint functionality is a boon for modern-day users. However, you would find many wireless printers out there which are still not compatible with this phenomenal feature. In other words, the AirPrint feature depends much more on the capability of your printer than the IPad.

Always remember that printers that can create a wireless access point will face no issues connecting to your IPad by using Wi-Fi. In case you don’t know, Canon has a separate app that can be used by Apple users to take printouts wirelessly. If you don’t want to explore the intricacies of taking printouts wirelessly, always go for iOS apps.

Using these apps is easy but you have to follow the onscreen instructions carefully. On the other hand, you can also find various third-party apps which facilitate easy printing from IPad to any Canon printer.

Ways to Print a Document on an IPad

If you are wondering how to instant setup Canon Wireless Printer on IPad, then always opt for the AirPrint option. There are other alternatives if your Canon wireless printer setup is not AirPrint enabled. But most current Canon models support the AirPrint option. To print a document from your IPad, open the app from where you want to print.

You have to choose the share option and select the print option. You have to then choose the Canon printer from the dropdown menu comprising various printers. You can select other options like the color, number of pages, etc. while printing from the IPad. So as you can see, there are various ways with the help of which you can take printouts from your IPad by connecting it to the Canon printer. Make sure that you follow the steps properly to avoid facing any issue.

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