Printer Not Scanning To EmailNot many are aware of How to Setup Ricoh Printer Not Scanning to Email which is why this blog is for those who wish to learn it. A strong network is a basic requirement for Ricoh printers to work in favour of you for scanning emails.

A few other details are also required such as the information regarding your email server, the name of the server, authentication credentials, SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) port number and the other protocols if needed. Even if you do not hold an email server and just have a Gmail account then you can easily use your Google’s SMTP to scan your email via it.

The instructions on How to Setup Ricoh Printer Not Scanning to Email are listed in step by step from below. These steps can be to all Ricoh MP Series copiers but might be difficult for some smaller models like MP 2500, MP 2000, MP 171, etc.

Setup Ricoh Printer Not Scanning

Step 1 – To start the programming of your copier for scanning to email, all you need to do at first is press the User Tools/Counter button on the operational panel of the copier.

Step 2 – Then click onto the touch screen for selecting System settings and then the file transfer tab.

Step 3 – Select the SMTP server and input the hostname of your email server. Note that if you do not have DNS (Domain Name System) set up then you have to enter the SMTP server’s IP address in place of its name.

Step 4 – Just below the name select the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) if your server needs it.

Step 5 – If your server uses a different port other than the default one then enter the correct port number on the screen.

Step 6 – If you find a button on CONNECTION TESTthen click on it to verify the copier so that can connect to the SMTP server.


Step 7 – Click on OK in the top right corner to save your data.

Step 8 – The next step is to get the SMTP authentication. If your server does not demand this then you can skip this process or else click on this option and fill in your user name, email address and password. You can select the option of AUTO in encryption setting if you do not require to change your server.

Step 9 – Select OK to save it.

Step 10 – Search for ADMINISTRATOR’S EMAIL ADDRESS and select it to enter the email address which you want to appear while sending scans from the copier.

Step 11 – Select Auto Specify Sender from the file transfer menu and set it ON and then click OK to save it.

Step 12 – Finally, exit out of the User Tools and let your copier adjust to the new setup and then you can easily scan your emails.

Therefore, the above-listed steps are the ones that you need to follow on How to Setup Ricoh Printer Not Scanning To Email. Hoping that you will find this article helpful and it will assist you to fix your copier soon.

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