There are many issues with the Ricoh printer which you would need to sort out on an immediate basis. Below is the solution for the different issues associated with the Ricoh printer and here’s detailing How To Fix Ricoh Printer Error.

When the print function is restricted – Authentication Error

  • When the print function is restricted, only authorised users can use its function
  • The users will be authenticated in the printer driver
  • The user can only authenticate through the PCL6 printer driver when print jobs are restricted
  • Print using the PostScript 3 printer driver will not be feasible.

Steps to Resolve:

  1. Open the file you desire to get printed on your computer.
  2. Open the properties of the printer driver.
  3. Click on the [Valid Access] tab.
  4. Enter the user code with 1 to 8 digits and then click [OK].
  5. Execute a print command.

If an incorrect user code is entered, the job will be automatically cancelled.

When the print function is blocked

When there is a configuration for blocked printing, there is an introduction of an error code in Ricoh copiers. Blocked printing allows jobs to be sent securely to the printer and held there until it actually reaches the printer to pick them up.

Steps to Resolve:  

  1. In the Windows 10 search box, type Control Panel and click on the Control Panel application.
  2. Under the Hardware as well as Sound heading, simply click on View devices along with printers.
  3. Choose the printing preferences and Right click on the printer you want to configure.
  4. Find Detailed Settings tab and choose the Job Settings in Menu.
  5. Change the Job Type to Blocked Printing, and MAKE SURE to enter your print code for the user code.
  6. Click on Details and enter your link ID for user ID and your print code for Password.  Click on OK
  7. Printing Preferences dialogue box shall be closed on Clicking OK.  You are ready to send print jobs.
  8. To print a blocked item that was sent to the printer, click on the Printer button.
  9. Further, click on the tab that read Print Jobs.
  10. Click on your item’that you want to print to select it and then click on Print. Enter your password when requested.

When there is color misalignment

One of the most common errors is the one with the error message SC400. It indicates that the identity image (ID) is dirty. The sensor can be cleaned manually but here is an alternate procedure to solve it

Steps to Resolve

  1. Turn Off your printer, open the printhead, and turn the printer back on
  2. Shut down the printer cover before the cartridges move to the right.
  3. Reseat the printhead
  4. Clear your print head with a dry cloth along with the printhead connectors
  5. Remove the cartridges and go deeper in to clean the plastic head primers
  6. Replace faulty cartridges if any
  7. Check for any paper tray obstructions

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