The ExOne Company is a worldwide leader in the metal 3D printer and industrial sand printing segment. It makes use of binder jetting technologies and has announced the launch of the ExOne Metal Designlab printer and X1F advanced furnace in a partnership with Rapidia, the technology company based in Vancouver, Canada, that was established by Dan Gelbart.

ExOne launches the fastest metal 3D printer

The ExOne Metal Designlab and X1F advanced furnace, provided via exclusive partnerships with Rapidia, is an extensive metal 3D printing system which makes use of technology that will be exclusively marketed and sold by ExOne. The original method of 3D printing (two-step) and water-bound sintering metal components was revealed first by Rapidia in the year 2019. Orders are already being taken with the furnace and system printer available for delivery in the second quarter of the year.

  • ExOne has the right of first refusal for majority ownership of the Rapidia brand under this partnership while Gelbart will be the technology advisor for ExOne.
  • Gelbart is the electrical engineer co-founding entities like Creo, Inc. and also Kardium.
  • He has a total of 135 U.S. patents for various inventions while the YouTube series on prototyping is instructional material for various universities.
  • The 3D printing technology at Rapidia has been created over many years and was first shown in the year 2019.

The Rapidia and ExOne teams are already collaborating on process upliftment and system upgrades for offering more innovations. The X1F advanced furnace with approximate usable volume of 10 litres, will also be provided throughout the binder jet lineup of ExOne where it is a suitable complement for InnoventPro and Innovent+ 3L and 5L printer models. The ExOne Metal Designlab will be directly competing with other 3D metal bound printing systems including the Markforged Metal X and Desktop Metal Studio System 2.

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