Duubee launches 3D printers :

Duubee has confirmed the launch of its new 3D printers, namely HP01, HP02 and HP03, in the United States of America. Duubee is aiming at bringing 3D printing technologies into the mainstream with these new launches while helping more people get a platform to express their artistic and creative instincts.

The HP01 is the entry-level model and the most affordable offering, coming with a 2.4 inch touch screen in full color along with support for PLA, ABS, PVA that is dissolvable and metal composites among other filament types. There is TF card off-line print support along with easy resumption of printing in the event of an interruption in power supply.

Switchable gloss and hot bed and the detachable platform are other major plus points. Life-time technical assistance is also being offered by the company. Duubee aims at boosting the overall usage experience with these quality 3D printers which are designed to help both beginners and professionals alike apart from being readily compatible with studios and other brands in the space. Duubee launches 3D printers in USA

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