Change an ink cartridge in an Epson printer is not that much difficult but not also as simple as just taking out one cartridge and putting inside another. So, if you are thinking of replacing your cartridge then this article is perfect for you that will guide you with the whole process.

Change your cartridge and start printing!

Every time you want to replace your cartridge, there are certain things you are required to do.

At first, buy your ink. After taking the old cartridge out if you do not replace it immediately with the new one, then there is a chance of the ink heads being dried, and it will affect your printer functionality. So, better not to take the risk.

The second thing is you should check whether the ink is coming out properly or not. If it is low, then the ink light will showy orange and when the cartridge is completely empty, the light will become constantly orange.

Steps on How to Change an Ink Cartridge In an Epson Printer

Step 1 : At first put up the printer’s scanner part, so that the print head is exposed. The printhead is the movable part of the printer that holds the ink cartridges. While carrying out this job ensure that you do not touch the print head and wait for few minutes till the print head stops its movement before continuing.

Step 2 : Now press the stop button. You will find the stop button in the far right-hand side of the control panel. It is marked by an upside-down triangle in a circle.

Step 3 : Now check how many cartridges are empty by pressing the button you can see each cartridge. This step can also be carried out if your printer is attached to the computer. In the PC, you can check the Epson status monitor, that will show details about which cartridge is empty.

Step 4 : Now bring the new cartridge and then shake it well for about four to five times before even removing from the package. Remove the package and take away only the yellow tab from the new cartridge. Be careful not to remove any other part from the cartridge and never touch the green chip as it may result in malfunctioning of the cartridge.

Step 5 : In the printer press the empty cartridge between your fingers which will release the plastic tab present in the back. Bring out the cartridge and put it in an appropriate container for recycling.

Step 6 : Now keep the unpacked new cartridge into space and press it till it perfectly fits into space. Repeat it until every empty cartridge is replaced. Close the printer.

Step 7 : Press the stop button. For 2-5 minutes the printer will charge the ink. Then the power light will flash. Don’t turn off the printer during this time. As soon as the power light completely stops flashing, it indicates that installation is complete. Now your printer is ready to print with the new cartridge.

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