If the recent reports are to be considered, the news is about a UK-based advanced manufacturing technologies provider. This provider has supplied around 70 industrial printers from HP to European and UK customers.

The company initiated its Additive Manufacturing Centre in 2022 in Leicestershire. This year, the company was awarded as an HP 3D Partner because they have sold the maximum HP Multi Jet Fusion systems in significant parts of the UK and Europe.

The manager of Matsuura’s Additive manufacturing department is Peter Harris. At Matsuura Machinery Ltd, Harris received the award and gave a straightforward speech. To quote his words, he has said that it’s a “great recognition” for the company to have built. Their work has helped them acquire recent prominence. Harris has also confirmed that it has taken them almost four years to acquire immense momentum in this field.

And Matsuura’s multi-million-pound investment has made them the one-stop Additive Manufacturing hub in and around Leicestershire. Harris has also confirmed that its 3D customer base is witnessing an upsurge in growth.

Thus, they aim to show more potential in the UK manufacturing community. They will implement more revolutions in their offerings for customers to select them in the future.

Currently, Matsuura is a successful provider of machines, selling them to top-tier companies. Incremental Engineering is one of their loyal clients. Harris also states that Incremental Engineering uses its technologies for mass-production applications. That includes the manufacture of over 5000 customers in one single 12-hour print. They also have clients ranging in the UK. Some prominent companies include Printing Portal, Paragon, All 3D Labs, and AMufacture.

As the establishment aims to expand its Additive Manufacturing Center, Harris confirms that the company will provide an end-to-end view of the additive manufacturing procedure. They will implement 3D printers from Roboze and Desktop Metal and post-processing technologies from DyeMansion. They will combine them under one roof andovercome financial challenges in and around the UK & Europe.

Matsuura understands that manufacturing plays a significant role. So, converting individual production issues into wonderful opportunities is their prime key strength. They undertake their jobs with efficiency and productivity.

Considering their Additive Manufacturing Facility, it’s the centre of excellence in Leicestershire for AM (particularly in the UK). One can book an appointment with the team to make their exclusive tour appointment. The company’s prime objective is to overcome economic challenges in parts of the UK and European countries.

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