The launch of Canada’s first-ever 3D-printed homes has brought a massive change in the idea of building a house in Canada. The news spread like a flame within a short time. In Leamington, Ontario, Habitat for Humanity which is a group of 500 sq. ft. homes, is arriving with multiple new projects in which all the walls of the new projects are going to be 3D printed. The best 3D printing firm nidus3D has been contracted for the job. 3D prints have been printed on the layers of concrete walls breaking the traditional way of making walls. The final touch-ups are being given to the homes before the launch in the summer.

The printings have been just framed, only to show the owners how the walls will appear. The new era of using 3D printing is starting this way for the first time. This will help the people to know how an innovative touch can change the entire look of a room. Therefore, these companies are expecting to work on larger projects in the near future.

Till now, the stages like painting, plastering, and building roofs are done manually. In the upcoming future, robotic hands will be used for doing all these tasks. A strong printer is capable of producing half a storey to a full storey per day. The implementation of 3D printing will cut building timelines in half.  

With the help of technology, it is possible to make a three-room, single-storey bungalow within just two days. Now the printing firms are using concrete for 3D printing. But modern technology will innovate and churn out better printable housing materials with the flow of time. That would be good for the environment too, as concrete is not at all an environment-friendly material.

3D printing methods not only change the entire look of your house, but also save money considerably on overall costs. It will cut 70% of the cost that is needed for traditional buildings. However, more licensed and certified programs and operational modes are the need of the hour to support this fledgling sector.

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