The USA is continuously trying to make a completely professional 3D printing setup that can be used by the industrial, manufacturing, and product development fields. The previous history of 3D printing shows that this industry has grown a lot with innovative ideas. A team of researchers from UCLA explained how the 3D printing of entire micro robots can be shown in a single pass. The active meta-materials or 3D printing work, make up tiny meta bots which are also included in the mechanical and electronic systems. They can crawl, jump, and sense the materials around them. A small external battery is required if you want to make these 3D-printed robots work.

3D Printing is the Buzz

A teenage girl managed to win a state design award for her design of a 3D-printed inclusive lunch tray. She tried to make this tray to help other students who are unable to keep their food from going everywhere.  Adeline Hamlin, who is only 15 years old, suggested the idea of making an inclusive 3D lunch tray for her teacher, after seeing her friend not able to grip a regular lunch tray. The entire food spilled all over the floor in earlier instances. The design was titled Stop The Slide: A Lunch Tray for Students with Disabilities.  Empathy is the first thing that made her think of such a 3D lunch tray.

According to Hamlin, a lunch tray is required, as their food could fall everywhere and that has to be picked up and put in the garbage can. Jennifer Dye, the Pope Prep Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, has been behind the quest to find solutions to the issue. Hamlin was also a part of the School’s Genius Hour. 

The students started to think of the things in the community that can be beneficial to others. Every day they came up with a lot of innovative ideas. It was Adeline who first said that they need a lunch tray. She advocated a fixed lunch tray, and her idea was granted, helping her win this award. Clearly, 3D printing is the buzz throughout the USA, cutting across various spheres of life and work.

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