On Thursday, 21st July 2022, great news spread in the UK market, which will bring a revolution in the market of printing. The news says that the first Canon Colorado 1630 has been installed by Beacon Print. It will help to improve the skills and the services to the clients in the UK.

The company was set up in 2014. The education, health care, large corporate, and SME sectors were regulated by the company. The primary purpose of this company is to provide a one-stop shop for all printing requirements. The installation of Colorado 1630 enables Beacon Print to produce a high-quality print for consumers within a very short time. It works faster than any other printing machine. The machine requires very little amount of ink for printing and also it requires less energy to run. That is why the machine plays a significant role in saving the expenses of the company.

Print sets up Canon Colorado 1630

Canon Colorado 1630 has a width of 1.6m which is capable to open new ways for Beacon Print. A 2.5 wide Agfa Anapurna hybrid flatbed or roll-to-printer was being used at West Bromwich. Still, they were searching for high-capacity printers that will be able to process a huge range of materials very quickly.

A few months ago they took the Colorado which has proved itself with its high-quality printing, and a huge range of productivity. A lot of versatility is there in the printer.

The business has been very much sporting and cost-efficient as soon as the Colorado 1630 has been installed. This is said by the same director of Beacon Print, Sean Gamston. The business has been developed for accessing the digital wallpaper printing market for this machine only. The machine helped to maintain the speed and quality of the services to the clients, and it has also attracted new clients. The machine is so good that you can rely completely on the machine. The machine is providing excellent quality of work continuously.

While the machine was bought directly from the manufacturer Canon everyone was happy with the service of the machine. Colorado 1630 was first installed in the UK and within a short time, the machine has won over the hearts and minds of the consumers.

Direct clients like SMEs, corporate businesses, and local authorities get the services of Beacon Print. Not only that; it is also giving services to businesses.

The specialty of the machine is that it can produce both small and large formats of any digital print. The exhibition graphics, signage, and installation of this machine see highly praiseworthy. It is also capable of litho printing, bespoke label printing, running B3 B2 litho machines, and also four color digital.

Considering the quality of the machine it has been said that no other machine can come into comparison with this Colorado 1630. It has opened up a new era in the world of printing. It is the installation of the machine that helped the company to get more customer opportunities and markets. The performance of the machine is unbelievable. You will be surprised to know that the market value of the company jumped up suddenly after the installation of the machine.

Beacon Print always tries to find out new ways and ideas to give the customers better services so that they can be fully satisfied. So they were looking for some years how to increase the productivity or quality of the machine. When they came to know about Colorado 1630 they were very much excited to bring the machine home. They only aimed to provide a better service to the consumers with a better-quality machine. The technology of the machine is ideal that will help Beacon Print to deliver overwhelming outputs for its customers. The unique features and services of the machine tell everything about the machine. There is nothing to express in words to describe the machine individually. The UK as well as other counties may get the benefits of the machine. The machine has come up as a blessing to Beacon Printer. Not only the production but also the popularity of the company has doubled because of the machine.

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