Squid Game is already the largest television show as per Netflix. Fans have naturally had a blast dressing up as the characters in the show on Halloween this year. The South Korean tale of survival is already famous for its distinctive masks and outfits. The interesting bit is that a man from Cambridge, Ontario in Canada came up with 3D printed Halloween masks, inspired by Squid Game.

The owner at Eisenfaust 3D Prints, Nathan Von Minden, began printing masks of the character named the Front Man, after he could not find any such mask at local Halloween stores. He thought of designing something like the mask on his own and got close to 30 orders before starting work. The procedure to build a single mask requires around two days. Von Minden has already stated that the procedure is quite simple and akin to starting up the printer and just waiting. This is the hardest part of the job according to him, since he has to watch and track whether the machine is optimally functioning for two days. He also stated that the 3D printing industry has been witnessing steady growth in Canada over the last few years, especially in terms of its applications and popularity alike.

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