If the printer setup or the cartridge placement is not good, then the error may show. If you do not know how to operate, fix the error, then it can be tiresome. Your work may come to still. Though you do not need any high-end technical knowledge, a little try and step-by-step guidance can help you fix the error. You may reinstall or restart the machine to fix the error. Still, if you see that the problem is there, then you need a helping hand. In this article, you will get the details on How to fix a Canon printer 1403 error. The tips will help you select the issue. You must follow the exact steps so that the problem can be overcome in the first go. If you are not sure, then you can ask for help from a technician.

A monitor error code can lead to severe problems like malfunctioning the system, making the printer warm, a blue screen, and many more. Hence, to get rid of this issue, you must try all the early possibilities and resolve the issue.

Why The Error Occurs?

The main reason for the error is the error in the eye of the printer. Also, the cartridge can be a problem. That is why you witness this bug error on the screen. If you insert a damaged cartridge or it is corrupt, then the code error will appear. It is the main reason for all types of printer errors. Make sure that the cartridge of the printer works properly. If you need to replace it, then you must do it. It is one way on how to fix a Canon printer 1403 error. You must position the printer head properly to avoid this kind of error code. For the error glitch, it is one of the best solutions. Check the printer head properly and do not keep it unattended.

How To Fix the Error Code?

Malfunction of Canon Printer must be a headache when you have to take out some vital printout, and the machine shows this type of error. If you are in the printing business, then it can be a massive loss to your business.

Switch Off Printer

First, you have to switch off the printer machine. Then remove the plug from the electric outlet. Then, open the main cover of the printer. Then, take the slider and cartridges and remove the cartridges and even the printhead.

Clean the Area

The next step on How to fix a Canon printer 1403 erroris that you have to get cotton and take the mixture of hot water and alcohol isopropyl and then dip the cotton in it. And slowly clean the printhead. Also, it would help if you washed the cartridges.

No Residue Left Behind

Clean in such a manner that there should be no ink left out. It is time for the cartridge to dry. After they are completely dry, you have to set them in the printer. It is also the time when you put the printhead as well.

The Final Step

When you are setting both of them, you have to check that it does not open from any side. Then, you must attach the printer nicely and then switch on the power to prevent it. The tiniest last step gives you the idea that any dirt or ink residue can cause the problem.

Conclusion Showing an error in the use of the printer can be tiring. You must check on the issue immediately to not replace the old one to get the new one. Before it’s too late and hiring a technician, try this method and know-how to fix printer errors.

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