3D Systems and Stratasys, two of the biggest worldwide printer manufacturers, have confirmed new acquisitions as part of their expansion and growth efforts. Stratasys has confirmed an agreement for the acquisition of Covestro’s additive manufacturing division. The deal will help Stratasys scale up its line-up throughout the powders, DLP, and stereolithography segments.

3D Systems has also confirmed its acquisition of DP Polar GmbH for scaling up additive manufacturing in higher volumes, with a unique platform that ensures high-speed and continuous 3D printing for various components. The 3D printing segment has successfully bypassed a slowdown in spite of the summer. 3D Systems also came back into the FDM 3D printing segment by acquiring Kumovis and Titan Robotics. 3D printing materials at Covestro have always been within the aegis of Stratasys’ third-party network across several years now. Those using the Stratasys Origin P3, Neo stereolithography, and the H350 printers will get more advantages since they will be getting access to more expanded materials that can be used throughout powders, DLP, and stereolithography alike.

Stratasys will be acquiring the research and development units and activities along with the sales and global development divisions throughout China, Europe, and the U.S. This will include 60 AM materials within the line-up along with a vast IP line-up with several hundreds of pending patents and existing patents as well. This will help the company ramp up its consumer offerings, while getting 3D printing material research executed by Covestro, within easy access. The acquisition price is estimated at close to €43 million, along with added inventory subtracted from specific liabilities. There is an earning potential that goes up to a handsome €37 million as well. 3D Systems is also expected to make waves with its latest acquisitions.

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