Leading provider of enterprise workflow solutions, Y Soft, has officially confirmed mainstream availability for its YSoft OMNI Series which helps in connecting market network printers or other multifunctional printers instantly with the cloud. It also helps in ensuring greater cost-effectiveness through tapping the Universal Print attribute within Microsoft 365. The company has officially announced that the OMNI Series will be directly available for entities via the e-Shop and is providing an initial discount alongside. YSoft OMNI Series comprises of YSoft OMNI Bridge and a server-less Edge device along with YSoft OMNI Apps which are basically annual subscription services for print based functionality and other industries which are applicable.

The very first OMNI App is the OMNI UP365 linked Microsoft Universal Print. The OMNI Series takes away the requirement for print servers and printer driver management on the premises along with lowering burdens on IT-based resources, making it the best solution for midsized and small businesses alike. The zero-infrastructure derived approach also ensures absolutely zero-trust issues pertaining to network security and zero knowledge of IT is required in this aspect. Cloud printing facilities become available in a few seconds to users as a result.

The YSoft OMNI Series availability coincides directly with the availability of the new Microsoft 365 feature called Universal Print. YSoft OMNI Series will now give businesses a more cost-effective method for taping into Universal Print and its advantages without the need for printer replacement. The YSoft Store is the new e-Shop for the company and companies can buy the OMNI App and OMNI Series bundles directly here. The OMNI Series is available for any business based in the U.S. and additional countries will be made online in the near future.

There are three bundles offered in this case, i.e. every bundle comes with OMNI Bridge and a choice out of 1, 5 or 25 packs of the OMNI UP365 one-year subscriptions. They range in prices from $275 to $720 USD on average. Individual packs for OMNI UP365 are also available in 1, 5 or 25 packs and they range in pricing from $30 to $475. There will be a 50% introductory discount which will apply automatically upon checkout for the first two out of any OMNI Series bundles individually. This will also apply for individual pack items in case of OMNI UP365.

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